Six steps to start your EMS fitness business

So you have the wish and the gut to start the business – the business of your life. Perfect. Here we are, six steps to do it:

  1. Sign up for one of our introductory business presentations and fill out our application form (see Appendix 1)
  2. Get mentoring to launch and run your EMS fitness studio day-to-day and manage your accounts, SMM etc. for the first year.
  3. Comply with the beauty, spa, wellness or fitness industry regulations and standards and have a licence for relevant services you and your space need to be certified to.
  4. Understand how much it costs to start an EMS fitness studio, and how much you’re likely to earn, and budget accordingly.
  5. Advertise your EMS fitness studio cost-effectively. Bring result-oriented sessions and clients will do their job.
  6. Market your site through channels such as social media, DM, bloggers and vlogs.


What is the timeline for opening your EMS fitness studio?

The timing is crucial. See this table and start the countdown with us:


What is our mentorship about?

Don’t forget: you are not alone. We are happy to help you as a good sport mentor or trainer with these topics:

  • Learn about EMS Fitness Service Standards
  • Identify your EMS Fitness Customer
  • Create Client Relation Policy
  • Educate and Customize Training Program and Protocols


Learn about EMS Fitness

Each EMS fitness studio/PT and all staff will be trained up to 100% before going operational and we will facilitate to create a standardized operational method.


Key to success aka good to know:

  • take away best practices and knowledge base gained from European experience
  • adopt and develop your EMS fitness concept locally
  • create demand by showing real results
  • for successful business, you need a minimum of 60 registered clients


Professional EMS fitness trainer

She or he is not just a person with advanced muscles. Much more.

  • Prerequisite: already qualified in sport science/medicine or personal training
  • Further education or consultancy is required
  • modular EMS training education system
  • professional reflection assignments: creating and executing case or impact studies
  • communication (business communication in focus: PR etc.)
  • basics of hospitality, service management
  • marketing (focusing on social media and “word by mouth”, cross marketing)
  • competitors and how to handle them


EMS fitness business management
To be successful with an EMS fitness business these are the components which make a studio team competent enough to run a successful innovative Studio.

Pre-requisite: entrepreneur skills are advantage

Further necessary education modules:

Business planning of EMS fitness service

How to create a concept: hospitality management, product and service development

HR (incl. staff education)

PR communication

Basics on EMS technology

EMS market overview: EMS training service competitors and how to handle them

Intro to Quality Management System

Basics of EMS training service marketing

General liabilities and health insurance

*Team building, KPI development, finances etc.


It’s an “unconventional” hybrid fitness/wellness service which includes a bit of everything:

  • hospitality
  • innovation
  • team spirit
  • sport science and health
  • EMS Training
  • B2C marketing


We provide packages and/or services as below (Appendix 2)

Remember that EMSTime team is always here to help you.

  • Trainer and/or studio staff education
  • Manpower recruitment
  • Coaching on operating EMS training facilities
  • Market research
  • Partner portal – knowledgebase management

*service on EMS devices*


Identifying your customer

EMS is not for everyone. We target open-minded people who are ready to try EMS or understand its promises.

Data shows that an average EMS user is between the age 25-60. Theyare coming from the wide range of the population. Many find EMSFitness as the ultimate solution to keep fit, stay toned, shed some fatand lead a healthy lifestyle – regardless of customers conditions, age orlimitations. These personas are likely do not fancy gyms, weight liftingor even running due to different reasons. Some of the reasons can bethat customer has physical limitation, special condition, lacks time ormotivation to go to the gym and do weight lifting or cardio for manyhours.


Trainees motivation, expectation, satisfaction

The very first EMS Training Customer Survey in 2017 that was carried out in Germany show very useful facts and data about EMS trainees’ motivation, expectation, satisfaction on results achieved with EMS training.


Customer survey and case studies prove the efficiency of whole-body electric muscle stimulation. We created the best training programs to satisfy customer’s needs and goals improving general health conditions, overall fitness, building muscles and body toning.

63,3% were female and 36,7% were male from of the EMS trainees asked, mostly from the age groups < 40 yrs and 40-59 yrs

Survey also shows that 25,6 % of clients are still attending EMS training after 6 months and 22,6% are loyal for more than a year, 12,1% more than 2 years and 14,8% for more than 3 years.

PTs and studio staff must take care of constant new client’s influx and keep clients after 6 months with result-oriented programs and by creating an atmosphere that keeps your clients loyal.


Create your Customer Relation Policy

One brilliant way to get customers

WOM (Word of mouth – even in digital space) by family members, colleagues and friends.

To gain positive word of mouth you should build excellent customer experience. When your customers are happy they are ready to speak about you and your business. This is the hardest part, but if you succeed, the WOM will follow it.

The figure below shows the result of the survey question:

“How did you get familiar with and interested in EMS training?”


Be familiar with your customer expectation. The below survey showsthat both man and women are looking for quality service andcompetent specialist. Also most importantly as everybody lacks time they need are looking for quick access to the EMS Fitness.


As a conclusion, we can say that today’s customer needs only differ from that of the past in one aspect: time-efficiency and result-oriented service!

A great EMS fitness studio is where customers feel relaxed and happy. It can lead to repeated visits and recommendations.


Tone at your studio

Different clients want different things from EMS fitness. Some people want an exclusive “quick is the best” feel, whereas others want a more relaxed “everyone’s welcome” feel. As a studio owner you create a mood where you try to achieve a polite and friendly relation to everyone who walks in the door.


Train yourself to read people

Teach yourself to be friendly and listen to the body language and other signs that clients are sending. A great customer service means respecting the needs of the client first.


Know your audience

Please gather information. When a client visits for the first time, make sure you get information that will help you create a client profile: the client’s name, address, phone number, birthday, lifestyle preferences, and email address. Email marketing system will help you keep up to date with clients and encourage them to visit your gym for special events or offers. Make sure you review client information before each appointment. Customers should always be greeted by name.


Be helpful

Clients tend to trust the opinions of their PTs and other lifecoach professionals. Make sure you are generous with recommendations for studio products and customized lifestyle advices or products as well as even recipes, home exercises, spa or beauty treatments and retail stores. Answer quickly via chatbots, social media, FB messenger or Intsagram.


Quick response

Giving a quick response has become one of the most important—yet difficult—tenets of good customer service. We make sure your voicemail message lets people know when you’re available, as well as when they should expect to receive a return call. Emails have auto-response that lets people know how long it will take for you to respond.


Planning your EMS fitness service

EMS Training Mission: SMART with a STYLE












We are dedicated to inspire and promote an alternative fitness workout that is time-saving yet effective in a relaxing ambiance. Using EMS technology must be smart with a new-age style.

If you are keen on learning more. Follow us as we are going to talk more detailed about the above.


Written by EMSTimes Business Consultant